April displays bring May…?

Summer reading is looming over us and it can’t seem to stop raining (although this weekend has been beautiful). Luckily April has a lot to offer in the way of library book displays. Think National Poetry Month, National Library Week, spring, rain, flowers, bunnies, chicks, frogs, etc etc. So here’s the rundown of my book displays for this month:   Libraries are for Everyone This display was inspired by this Keep reading!

And the displays came March-ing down…

Happy March, everyone! Once again, it’s time for a change in our monthly book displays. This time around I chose a fishy-themed display “Hooked on Books from the Bottom Shelf!” and a very simple “Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?” display.   Hooked on Books from the Bottom Shelf! I saw the idea for a “books from the bottom shelf” display floating around on the Internets and LOVED it. Keep reading!

You’ve got book displays!

Happy February! Book display time is my favorite time. For February, I prepared 2 book displays: You’ve Got Mail and Meet the Presidents. ———— You’ve Got Mail: This was my first time doing a big bulletin board display. Hopefully the grown-ups will get a kick out of the name! This board sits just aboveĀ a small bookshelf that allows the books to be front-facing. I chose mostly picture books but included Keep reading!

New month, new displays.

Today was my (and probably many of yours) first day back at work in the new year. That meant doing one of my most favorite parts of my job: book displays! This month I have 2 (and a half?) displays. The two biggies are “Learn About Braille and Blindness” and “New Year, New Series”. The half “display” I will explain in a bit.   Learn About Braille and Blindness January Keep reading!