A book set in a hotel.

It’s about time I’m able to review a book for POPSUGAR’s 2017 Reading Challenge! You’ll recall that I talked a bit about the challenge and my plans for it here. Completed first was the category “A book set in a hotel”, for which I read the aptly-named book The Hotel Cat by Esther Averill. The Hotel Cat by Esther Averill // Published in 1969 by The New York Review of Books // 161 Keep reading!

Virtual Field Trip: Japan

Hello again! It’s about time I got around to posting about a fun and (hopefully) educational program I did early last week…a virtual field trip! I first read about the idea on a blog by a teacher who did something similar for her 4th grade class. The idea stuck with me and since we are being encouraged to incorporate more technology use in library programs, I was thrilled to be Keep reading!

A Soup-er Storytime.

Today, 60 people (adults included) gathered around for a soup-themed storytime! It has been so SO cold (I believe it was a whole 9 degrees the other morning?), so I thought this would be a perfect January storytime theme! It was lovely (made even lovelier by the fact that we were able to prepare some “real” soup for the kiddos to enjoy after their craft) BUT, it decided to be Keep reading!

New month, new displays.

Today was my (and probably many of yours) first day back at work in the new year. That meant doing one of my most favorite parts of my job: book displays! This month I have 2 (and a half?) displays. The two biggies are “Learn About Braille and Blindness” and “New Year, New Series”. The half “display” I will explain in a bit.   Learn About Braille and Blindness January Keep reading!