“Wreath” for the stars! [or, the bookmarks]

One of my library’s adult reference ladies periodically hosts these AMAZING crafting programs on Monday afternoons. When I’m working. So I watch from outside the little meeting room window while being surrounded by crying babies and disheveled materials…hoping to one day have the freedom to craft…

OKAY SO it’s not that dramatic. I love my job! But I also LOVE what the patrons end up making during these Monday [cr]afternoons. They’ve done glass etching, wine glass snow globes, book folding(!), among other things…and the results are always lovely!

One of their December crafts was a greeting card wreath, made from covering a simple round form with decorative paper and gluing clothespins around the form. I’ve seen other versions of a greeting card wreath floating around in Internetland, so just do a simple search to find one that intrigues you. This idea, along with my burgeoning collection of bookmarks, inspired me to adapt the craft to fulfill a more bookish need. Thus – the bookmark wreath was born!

To emulate this particular wreath, you will need:

  • a foam board (or something similar, such as stiff cardboard, for the wreath form)
  • a knife/something to cut the board with
  • scrapbook paper or old book pages
  • Mod Podge
  • a pack of clothespins (I got a 50-pack for $1 at Walmart and used just shy of half of the pack)
  • superglue or a hot glue gun
  • a small piece of ribbon for hanging
  • OPTIONAL: paint, washi tape, or other embellishments

I was lucky to receive a pre-cut foam board form from my crafty library lady to start me off with. It measures about 10″ in diameter and the circle is about 2.5″ thick. If you have something round and a similar size to trace, that would be great! Or if you still have your old drawing compass (or your kid’s!), that would help too. But, don’t worry about getting a really smooth cut. Our next step will take care of that.

Mod Podge your decorative paper onto the front of the form. I tore out pages from an old wildlife guide for my wreath. I simply attached one page at a time, and didn’t worry about trimming the pages right away. I tore some pages into strips to cover any bare spots and to mix things up…there’s no real “method” to this. Then I trimmed the pages around the outside of the form, maybe 1″ or less from the edge. Then, I cut slits all around to make it easier to wrap them around the outer edge to be Mod Podged to the back. For the inside of the form, I trimmed some of the excess paper and did the same thing (cut slits, Mod Podge to back).

Once it was dry, I did an even coat of Mod Podge all over the front (I got the shiny kind), to give it a nice, uniform look. Before attaching the clothespins, I laid them out on the form to decide on the spacing and how many I wanted. I simply put one in the middle of the top to start with, and went down from there. It’s up to you how many you want to use and where to place them. I put the clothespins flush to the outer edge of the form, so the other side of the clips hung over the edge of the inside of the form.

I glued my clothespins on using superglue, which I happened to have on hand from a previous craft. I’m sure hot glue would be find as the clips won’t be holding much weight! Also remember to glue on a piece of ribbon from which to hang your wreath! At this point, I thought I was finished…but then decided to paint the ends of each clothespin a light pink for some color. You could do this too…or paint the clips before attaching, embellish with washi tape instead, or rhinestones…whatever suits you!

Voila! My wreath now hangs on the wall next to a bookcase, waiting for me to finish a book (or start a new one).

Craft on! – Bailey

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