April displays bring May…?

Summer reading is looming over us and it can’t seem to stop raining (although this weekend has been beautiful). Luckily April has a lot to offer in the way of library book displays. Think National Poetry Month, National Library Week, spring, rain, flowers, bunnies, chicks, frogs, etc etc. So here’s the rundown of my book displays for this month:


Libraries are for Everyone

This display was inspired by this awesome graphic created by Hafuboti. A lot of heart went into the graphic and the creator wants it to be shared freely. I encourage you to check it out! I selected English, Spanish, and Hindi for the larger sign holders that sit on the shelves and printed several smaller ones in other languages that are taped to the wall with various map pages. The actual books are middle-grade novels. I wanted to choose contemporary fiction books starring characters from diverse backgrounds who face diverse challenges that readers may connect to. This diversity comes not only in race and ethnicity, but also ability, religion, culture, family makeup, etc. This display ties in nicely with National Library Week and my personal efforts to highlight diverse characters in our everyday offerings…beyond specific holidays or the “history/heritage months”.


Picture Books in Rhyme

This display is loosely associated with National Poetry Month and I knew it would be a hit with parents (and teachers!). It isn’t uncommon for us to be asked for rhyming stories so it’s nice to put some of them together in one place! Luckily they aren’t too hard to find. Rhyming stories are fun to read aloud as they just add an extra “something special” that keep readers engaged. For this display, I also created a “clock” that has rhyming words in place of numbers (a play on “fun time”). The streamers seem to come unattached from time to time…which to me is odd given the obsessive amount of book tape I used to attach them with. Oh well!


Writing Station: Poem of the Day

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it, but I made a couple signs for our writing station honoring National Poetry Month. One basically just says “April is National Poetry Month!” and the other has a clear plastic sleeve and says “Poem of the Day” and where to find poetry books. My coworkers have been awesome in helping me switch out the poems when I’m not there. Most of the poems are by Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein…but there are a few other poets in there too, including that pesky Anonymous.


BONUS: Giraffes

I helped my boss create a pop-up display about giraffes. We used a “Life Sized Zoo Animals” book open to the giraffe page as a backdrop and set out all the giraffe books we could find. So many were already checked out! I personally don’t understand the craze of April the giraffe (Google her if you haven’t already seen/heard!). It’s not that I don’t like giraffes! They’re adorable and I respect their tallness and awkwardness! It’s just that giraffes are born everyday and the births are a messy business. Oh well! These books flew off the table in a matter of a couple days 🙂


Rain on! – Bailey


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